Making it easy for you...

Here at Duer & Sons Remodeling in Central-Iowa, our approach to all residential home remodeling projects are designed to make things as simple and straightforward as possible for our clients.

Why should you choose Duer & Sons Remodeling?  In one word, it’s integrity.  The entire staff believes that each and every residential home remodeling project in Des Moines is the most important project of the day.  Whether it’s home additions or whole house remodeling, we believe our purpose is to serve the homeowner, here in Central-Iowa, in making home remodeling lifestyle changes that will enhance their daily activities. The Des Moines area has a lot to offer and we, here at Duer & Sons Remodeling know that family time is important time.

We provide a safe work environment throughout the entire residential home remodeling project for the families in which we serve (since many are living in the space while it is being remodeled). We encourage open communication, and we are available after hours by phone, e-mail, or text.

At Duer & Sons Remodeling we are polite, accommodating, and masters in the residential home remodeling building trade, as you would expect from a local Des Moines professional. Our entire staff values the trust our home remodeling clients put in us and they know the commitment that the homeowner makes financially to do a project, so they are careful and diligent in their workmanship.

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